Coorong Waterfront Retreat’s central location along the Coorong and just metres from the waterfront makes it the perfect destination for your next fishing holiday.

For ocean beach fishing, launch your boat (shallow draft only) at a nearby ramp and head across the 2km wide Coorong lagoon in front of the Retreat to the Younghusband Peninsula.
After a 20 minute walk through the sand dunes you will arrive at the ocean beach. Alternatively take a 40 minute drive (including a 4WD section) to the ocean beach at Tea Tree Crossing (summer only) or 42 Mile Crossing. During the cooler months, the commercial fishers set their nets for Coorong mullet along the stretch of lagoon in front of the Retreat. A license is required to set nets.
A license is not required for line fishing in front of the Retreat.

In the warmer months, the best line fishing within the Coorong Lagoon is out from Long Point, Mark Point and Pelican Point approximately ½ hour’s drive north west of the Retreat. There is a small jetty at Long Point. In the cooler months try your luck at line fishing in the lagoon in front of Coorong Waterfront Retreat. You will need a boat as it’s quite shallow close to shore. Cockles seem to be the best bait and a small hook is advised. Fishing on the Coorong can be prohibitive when it’s windy so if possible plan your trip around the weather.

Check weather statistics for our area here. Download SA Recreational Fishing Guide here. For further information on activities in the Coorong National Park follow this link to Parks SA .